We believe that it is our responsibility as tombstone manufacturer, to be honest with you, the client.  The following tips are very important when buying a tombstone:

1.  Make sure the price include VAT

2.  Make sure there are no hidden costs, eg:  lettering

3.  Make sure that transport and erection costs are included in price

4.  Make sure that the picture in the showroom are what you going to receive on the grave

5.  Price is an indication of quality

6.  Check the overall quality - like the polish work and neatness of the stone, as well as the showroom

7.  Headstones must be installed with a special epoxy and a steel dell, not just clean sement

8.  Make sure that the company has experience in the business and is established with a good name, trustworthy.

9.  Choose a company that will be able to deliver on time, and proud themselves on after-sale-service

10.  Go to the graveyard and make sure you are happy with their work

11.  The service and advice must help you to make an informed decision

12.  Make sure that your lay-buy money are safe and guaranteed